• Bugs of Shared State

    Bugs of Shared State: concurrency and caching of state

  • Bugs of Unstructured State

    Bugs of Unstructured State: consuming unknown input as state

  • Bugs of Mutated State

    Bugs of Mutated State: changing the state of a program

  • Common Software Defects

    Identifying and recognizing common software defects

  • Programming is Hard

    A somewhat coherant if rambling train of a thought about software engineering and the ridiculous effort we put into writing good code

  • Lightning Computational Graph Theory

    A super quick, high-level lightning 5-minute presentation on Graph Theory, covering lists, trees, dags n graphs

  • How to write Bad Software

    There is no right way to build software, but plenty of wrong ways.

  • The Big Hacks

    My own record of significant publicized hacks, hacking attempts, cves and malware that significantly shaped future computer science.